• AWS re:Invent 2019: Bringing intelligence to the edge for connected-home use cases

AWS re:Invent 2019: Bringing intelligence to the edge for connected-home use cases

Presentation given at re:invent 2019 in Las Vegas, including live demo. Featuring native iOS app with ARKit, cloud-based device configuration system, and integration with AWS IOT.

  • Public Presentations

Public Presentations

Slideshows and videos of public talks given at various conferences and meetups: re:invent 2019 – Augmented Reality and IOT Bluetooth Over-The-Air Firmware Update WatchKit Tips for Bluetooth Low Energy Apps Smartwatches Oooooof! Here Come The Smartwatches IOT Oversharing: ‚Ä®Stop Sending My Stuff to the Cloud Not another *$#@ app: How to avoid IoT fatigue Build […]

  • Amazon FireTV 4K and BLE Remote

Amazon FireTV 4K and BLE Remote

Work on FireTV 4K Stick and BLE Remote. Public Reviews: Variety: Amazon Introduces New Fire TV Stick 4K, Alexa Voice Remote CNET: Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K streams in Dolby Vision HDR for $50 VentureBeat: Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K adds HDR and remote with IR device control AnandTech: Amazon Launches Fire TV Stick 4K: […]

  • Fluid Firmware Update

Fluid Firmware Update

Secure Over-The-Air Firmware Update system in the cloud. Developed demo circuitry, custom firmware, iOS and Android SDKs and mobile apps, and back-end services with web-based dashboard and REST APIs using Django, django-rest-frameworks, and Python.

  • Madefire Oculus VR Player

Madefire Oculus VR Player

Developed multi-threaded networking engine for Madefire virtual 3D player for the Oculus Rift. Native C++ code to integrate with Objective-C Mac authoring tool.

  • Oplytic Mobile Deeplinking

Oplytic Mobile Deeplinking

Created Android and iOS SDKs for use in mobile deeplinking and app installation SDKs. Included design, development, documentation, and distribution of SDK packages and sample apps. The SDKs allowed publishers to use cross-platform deep-linking and custom URLs to promote app installation and customer re-engagement.

  • Oplytic Attribution SDKs

Oplytic Attribution SDKs

Created Android, iOS, and Javascript embeddable library for company’s product line for in app attribution tracking. Included design, development, documentation, and distribution of SDK packages and sample apps. SDKs used local SQLite and BrowserDB for caching, worked both offline and online, and communicated with the server via REST APIs. They have been incorporated into almost […]

  • Connected Car – Toyota iRoad

Connected Car – Toyota iRoad

Did detailed design, architecture, specification, and prototyping work for Toyota Motor Corporation on a connected vehicle sharing system based on the iRoad vehicle. Designed a connected vehicle gateway box incorporating a single-board-computer, CANBus, GSM cell networking, GPS, bluetooth, and wifi with remote door lock/unlock and ignition control. Worked with Toyota staff in Palo Alto and […]

  • Kinsa Connected Thermometer

Kinsa Connected Thermometer

Kinsa is a San Francisco-based startup offering a line of smart FDA-cleared app-enabled thermometers in both wired and wireless (BLE) versions. Kinsa thermometers are available in many retail outlets including Apple Store, Amazon, CVS, Target, and Best Buy and has been featured in numerous publications, including USA Today. Designed and developed the following over the […]

  • HerdDogg Wearable for Cows

HerdDogg Wearable for Cows

HerdDogg is a wearable device for improved accuracy of livestock traceability and biometrics. Essentially, a Wearable for Cows. The product was featured in the TV show America’s Greatest Makers — An Intel Experiment in 2016. Two versions of the Android app were developed to communicate directly with DoggTags via Bluetooth LE and save data to […]